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Media Articles

November 2010

India Today: Aspire

The Art of Illusion

Though the animation industry in the country is poised to scale greater heights, a lot of farsightedness is required for India to become a creative powerhouse....

August 2007

The Hindu: India's National Newspaper

B.Sc degree in Multimedia and Animation

Students who attended an academic session later interacted with Philip Edward Alexy, an animation expert who worked for movies like Flubber, Star Wars, Jumanji. He said there was a dearth of good animators and options were wide open for talented candidates.

August 2007

The Hindu: India's National Newspaper

Art pulled me into animation

Cartoons have been capturing the hearts of everyone, be it young or old. The joy which these animated characters give, knows no bounds. A stress buster, a laughter riot, a comical journey, call it what you may. Cartoons definitely know the funny side of life. Who would know this better than Philip Edward Alexy....

Just for the record: this article has some rather embarrassing factual errors and started giving me the dubious title of "Hollywood Animation Expert", a title I have never claimed (or wanted, actually) to have. They also omitted the fact I took three years of Classical Animation at Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology after that one year of Art Fundamentals.

September 2005

The SciFi World

Philip Edward Alexy is a Character/Creature/Effects CGI Animator and worked on several TV shows and movies such as Star Wars Episode 1, Deep Impact, Flubber, Jumanji, Casper, Jack Frost, 101 Dalmatians, ... and he made the Antarctica Dome for the Stargate SG-1 episode "Frozen" (season 6).

June 1999

FOX Network

From Star Wars to Star Wars: The Story of ILM

Transmission date: June 15, 1999

0:14:00: Pan of Philip Alexy working at his desk.

Spielberg voice-over (talking about animators at ILM): I think certain eccentricities are part of their character make-upand I think you can really understand that when you go to their little workstations and look around at all that art and fetish icon they have hanging up on their corkboards and taped to their workstations, you know. And then you see some of these guys...girls are really weird, but weird in a bohemian way...

June 1998

Millimeter Magazine

Ocean Spray:

A Tidal Wave Rocks New York in Deep Impact

page 45: Credit roll...Philip Alexy...animator

June 1998

Softimage Web Site

CG Flubber Changes the Rules...And Does One Mean Mambo Sequence

Interview for Lead Technical Animator on Flubber, with focus on Softimages MetaClay System.

February 1998

Millimeter Magazine

Breaking the Mold: Physics of Jell-O Inspire CGI Stars of Flubber

page 61: Credit roll...Philip Alexy...Lead Technical animator

Novemeber 1997

Access Hollywood

Disney's Flubber

Transmission Date November 22, 1997

Interview for Lead Technical Animator on Flubber

August 1997


Disney's Flubber and Disney's Flubber Multimedia CD-ROM Press Kit

Transmission date: November 23, 1997

Interview for Lead Technical Animator on Flubber

July 1997

Disney Press

Disney's Flubber: A Special Collectors Edition

Interview by Lucy Dahl for children's book.

July 1997


Nova: Special Effects

Transmission date: November 3, 1997

Interview for Lead Technical Animator on Flubber

February 1998

International Photographer

How do they DO that? The Incredible work of ILM: 101 Dalmatians?

page 45: [Doug] Smythe explains [the library shot]: ...We initially planned to use only real puppies and some Henson animatronic dogs, but the scene was way too lifeless. In order to do the splits, the dogs had to stay in one section of the room at a time. As Jon Alexander and Matt Wallin erased the real dogs, Mike Ludlam and Philip Alexy replaced them with CGI dogs doing more appropriate actions."

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