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a.k.a. Harrold the Flying Sheep



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Highly-Experienced Character/Creature/Effects CGI Animator

Film,Television, Games

Software Experience

Autodesk Maya,The Foundry Nuke, Shotgun,Adobe Photophop,Adobe Premiere,Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk 3ds Max,Autodesk XSI,Vicon Boujou, NewTek Lightwave, Houdini, Softimage 3|D, Unix


Secret Location: Character Animator

Mavericks VFX: Lead Animator
Mr. X: CGI Animator
Mirage VFX: Animator
AE35Media: CG&AnimationDirector
Harrold the Flying Sheep: President and CEO
Picasso Centennial Animation College: Lead Faculty

Pseudo Interactive: Senior Character Animator

Rising Sun Pictures: Senior Character Animator
IMAX: Digital Artist
Styles and Stories: Animation Supervisor
Trixter Film GmbH: Animation Supervisor and Character Animator

FrameFx: Senior Animator

The Tydirium Project: Digital Creature Modeller and Animator
CA Scanline Productions GmbH: Digital Modeller and Industry Consultant

Electronic Arts/BlackBox: Digital Animator
Photon VFX: Senior Previz Animator/Consultant
GVFX (Gajdecki Visual Effects): 3D Department Head and Lead Animator

Sextant Entertainment Group: CG Supervisor
Harrold the Flying Sheep: Freelance Animator
c.o.r.e. Digital Pictures: CGI Animator
Wild Brain: CGI Animator
Industrial Light and Magic: CGI Animator (Character/Effects)/Lead Technical Animator







The ManWho Invented Christmas [post-production],ThankYou forYour Service [2017],A Dog’s Purpose [2017],Magnifcent Seven [2016],A Girl on aTrain [2016],Ben Hur [2016],CharlotteʼsWeb [2006],V forVendetta [2006], Das Gespenst von Canterville [2005], Modigliani [2004], Peter Pan [2003], Santa Claus 2 [2002],After School Special [2003], Snow Queen [2002], The Colony (unreleased), Nutty Professor II;The Klumps [2000], Star Wars; Episode One:The Phantom Menace [1999], Jack Frost [1998], Deep Impact [1998], Mercury Rising [1998], Flubber [1997], 101 Dalmatians [1996], Eraser [1996], Jumanji [1995], Casper [1995].


Salvation [post-production],Channel Zero [2017], A Handmaid’sTale [2017],American Gods [2017],The Magicians, Season Two [2016],The Expanse, Season Two [2016], Man Seeking Woman [2016], OISHI C+ “Limes” [2015], USDA PSA: “Hitcher” [2013], Plimmy and Pykko [unreleased], Megalodon - Hai Alarm auf Mallorca (RTL) [2004], Stargate, Season Six [2002], Untamed; "You're Not Gonna Score" Music Video [2001], Angela Anaconda; Season Two/Three [2000]. Ritz Cracker Commercial Spots [1999]


Prodigal (car/character next-gen console title, unreleased), Need for Speed: Underground [2003]


Classical Animation
(Three Year Diploma, 09/90 to 05/93)
Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Art Fundamentals
(OneYear Certificate, 09/89 to 05/90)
Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology Oakville, Ontario, Canada


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